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Southern Waterfowl Retrievers Services

At Southern Waterfowl Retrievers, we strive to provide our customers with high quality training personalized for their unique needs. We taylor the training program to each dog's needs and each owner's specific desire.


We offer Obedience training for many different breeds of dogs This training involves becoming proficient with Heel, Here, Sit, and Place. Dogs need structure and discipline. Whether it be in the woods or at home; a dog needs to learn his place and this is is where it begins. 

Basic Gun Dog

A Basic Gun Dog will have been through Obedience, Collar Conditioning, Force Fetch, and be Steady to shot. The dog will also be introduced to real birds. At the end of the program, the dog will have the tools necessary to make a nice hunting companion.

Transition Training

Transition training takes the Gun Dog a step further. This training will introduce the dog into "casting". Casting allows you as the handler/hunter to direct the dog to a fallen bird that it did not see as a "Mark". This is known as running a "Blind". Transition training takes the dog through drills to give him the ability to run blinds on both land and water.

Advanced Training 

At the advanced level, the dog is taken yet a step further. The dog is taught concepts that may arise in a hunting scenario and is prepared for AKC/UKC hunt tests. These hunt tests challenge the dog's ability, memory, and trainablitly. This type of training can be taken all the way to the most difficult titles for a dog to achieve--GRHRCH and MH. These dogs are the ultimate hunting companions.

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